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The winners of Bryant Zhuhai’s annual IDEA scholarship competitions were announced on Wednesday, December 8 (scroll to the bottom of this article to see the winning teams and cohorts). The Bryant Zhuhai IDEA Program is an important part of the Bryant Zhuhai first-year curriculum. It is a one-credit course that introduces students to “Design Thinking,” which refers to a process for analyzing a problem, gathering information, and generating creative solutions. The IDEA Program is based on learning by doing, and this year students were guided by 8 exceptional faculty mentors and 16 wonderful student mentors to help them through the process.


12月8日星期三,一年一度的Bryant Zhuhai IDEA Program举行了颁奖典礼,标志着2021年度IDEA活动圆满结束(滚动到文章底部可以看到获胜的团队和队伍)。


The IDEA program presented a big challenge to our first-year students who had to complete their projects within a very limited timeframe. They had only three days (from Wednesday to Friday) to research their chosen problems by gathering information through interviews, surveys, observations, and data collection.



Subsequently, throughout the IDEA weekend (Saturday and Sunday), each team presented their findings, ideas, and solutions at four different times to their mentors who provided feedback for how they could improve their ideas and projects for the next iteration. Finally, the students presented their final projects to a team of 28 faculty, staff, and alumni judges at the IDEA Trade Show on Sunday evening. During the two-hour trade show, each team had to present to seven different judges who evaluated their projects for quality, creativity, originality, feasibility, whether it met the needs of target users, and how well the students were able to describe their team’s creative process. The annual IDEA Trade Show is a highlight of the fall semester for many faculty and staff as it provides an opportunity for the Bryant University-BITZH community to come together to celebrate the accomplishments of our students.




Each year during the IDEA program we witness a change in our students' approaches to problem solving that influences the way they study in all their subsequent coursework. Successfully meeting the challenge of developing an innovative solution to a real-world problem in such a short time proves to the students that they are capable of doing more than they had previously thought possible.



2021 Bryant Zhuhai IDEA Scholarship Winners


In addition to the valuable lessons students learned from the IDEA Program, they also participated in two different scholarship competitions.


Team Scholarship Competition

The first of the scholarships was granted to the top three team projects as judged by Bryant Zhuhai faculty and staff and distinguished guests to whom the students presented their projects on Sunday evening. Each project was judged by seven different judges, which means students spent two hours presenting and defending their projects and answering the judges’ questions. This year’s winning teams are as follows:


First Place 7000 RMB Scholarship:

Team 3A: Heng Zhu, Yang Du, Zhuolin Xu, and Jiaxin Xie

Second Place 5000 RMB Scholarship

Team 2B: Dashi Yang, Juxi He, Rui Li, and Kaipeng Liang

Third Place 3000 RMB Scholarship:

Team 7A: Yuming Wu, Wei Lin, and Yuqing Zhang

Cohort Scholarship Competition

The second scholarship includes the efforts of a cohort of between 13 and 15 students who worked together on various design challenges and team-building games. Scholarship prizes are divided evenly among the sixteen students in each cohort. This year’s winners for the cohort competition are as follows:


First Place 7000 RMB Scholarship:

o   Cohort 3: Heng Zhu, Yang Du, Zhuolin Xu, Jiaxin Xie, Yingzhi Zhou, Yuxuan Chen, Haoxian Li, Jiayi Liao, Xinyi Cheng, Chuqi Zeng, Xujie Liu, Yutong Lai, Biying Chen, and Honglin Wang

Second Place 5000 RMB Scholarship:

o   Cohort 5: Xiao Ouyang, Yue Li, Zhenyi Huang, Ziqi Liang, Yuhua Lu, Ruijin Huang, Zien Zhao, Yanchao Chen, Ruijie Fang, Ziran Xia, Yijun Zhou, Yunfei San, Xinjin Wang, and Dongni Chen

Third Place 3000 RMB Scholarship:

o   Cohort 1: Yinjing Zeng, Mengke Zhang, Xuquan Luo, Xinyang Xie, Qian Mo, Rongtao Huang, Ying Ke, Yulu Fu, Xintong Li, Yuanhang Deng, Haixiang Gao, Wanyu Zhou, and Minglai Shen

Congratulations to all 2021 IDEA Program scholarship winners and to all first-year Bryant Zhuhai students who successfully completed this exciting program!

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